24. November 2019 Mona Kern 0

(Don’t) Wait “One day I’ll be ready”, “One day I’ll get this done” – that’s a mantra we often hear our inner voice repeat. And even though there are times in day-to-day life when there […]


16. Juni 2019 Mona Kern 0

Admit it! At some point in your life, you have run around the house in a cape or costume pretending that you had superpowers. There’s an irresistible attraction about superheroes that captures the imagination of […]

TEDxHamburg Dreamers – Prototyping Tomorrow

1. Juni 2019 UHS 0

In this confusing, complex and sometimes bizarre reality of ours, dreams matter more than ever. Challenges have always required people to step up, to think big, and to follow their dreams. This years TEDxHamburg will […]


12. Juni 2018 Marcus Noack 0

Am 27. Juni feiert TEDx in Berlin sein zehnjähriges Jubiläum. In der Berliner Philharmonie werden viele inspirierende Redner und unglaubliche Performer da sein, die den Tag unvergesslich werden lassen. Einige der Redner sind alte Bekannte, […]

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